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Having the Knowledge

Assets can only create value when we know how to put them to work. This is also true for intellectual capital. The problem with intellectual capital is that we cannot see or feel it. For that reason the process of identification and valuation is harder than for physical assets. Still, as intellectual capital is the main driver behind value creation, we need to manage it carefully and more actively. By identifying intellectual capital and understanding its role in value creation, companies as well as investors gain better knowledge how to put this capital to work.

More about Intellectual Capital

Bieme is pleased to keep you in touch with a variety of information sources on intellectual capital that already exist and is available to everyone. These are papers, studies, books and online resources.GO TO THE LIST

What’s Bieme’s added value?

Bieme is all about intellectual capital: it’s founder combines over 20 years of experience as a practitioner in international capital markets with empirical research activities in the field of innovation and…MORE VALUE

The World of Intellectual Capital

The asset management industry is an interesting example to point out the value of intellectual capital. Many asset managers lure their clients into active investment funds and strategies…READ MORE