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Is the true potential of the firm really understood by its investors and creditors, or do they rely on the traditional accounting data for its valuation? If the latter were the case, it would be suboptimal for both. The company might have to fund itself at higher costs than needed, while investors could miss out on an exceptional investment opportunity. Intellectual capital is the driving force behind the value creation of many firms, but too often remains hidden within the organisation. The identification and assessment of this capital will help the company to put it to use effectively. Moreover, it will be able to communicate the value of the company to all stakeholders better. Investors must be able to ask the right questions if both sides want to benefit. Bieme’s mission statement is to support companies and investors in their efforts to fully understand the value of intellectual capital.

More about Intellectual Capital

Bieme is pleased to keep you in touch with a variety of information sources on intellectual capital that already exist and is available to everyone. These are papers, studies, books and online resources.GO TO THE LIST

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Bieme is all about intellectual capital: it’s founder combines over 20 years of experience as a practitioner in international capital markets with empirical research activities in the field of innovation and…MORE VALUE

The World of Intellectual Capital

The asset management industry is an interesting example to point out the value of intellectual capital. Many asset managers lure their clients into active investment funds and strategies…READ MORE